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Celebrating Our 20th!

Wow, it’s our 20th anniversary! It’s hard to believe that our magazine, that shining, maddening, awesome project which began so casually, is now 20 years old. Crazy. How do you even conceptualize ... Read More

Ranchito El Nido, Laguna Hills

Like all great beauties, Ranchito El Nido is gorgeous from every angle, in any light and any weather. It sits up high on a hillside in Laguna Hills, the peaks of Playa Gorda in the distance, a lo... Read More

La Datcha

We headed over to Pedregal early one morning to play in the snow. Yes, snow. In Pedregal, that upscale neighborhood on the cliffs by the sea, with the cobblestone streets, the gorgeous private beach a... Read More

Accidental Bird

Let me tell you a story. About a house, a quest and some clever birds. The good kind, with adventure, suspense, magic and a happy ending. The house in question is a marvelous, quixotic structure at t... Read More

Quinta Cangrejo

I have oysters, magic puzzle boxes and artichokes on my mind. Things that open up to reveal hidden treasures- a pearl, a secret chamber, a tender heart. So too with Quinta Cangrejo (The Crab), a beau... Read More

Gates of Los Cabos

I like gates. Often eclipsed by the flashier parts of a house, gates are interesting for an inherent contradiction: they ensure privacy, yet reveal so much- the architectural style of the house, the c... Read More

Casa Las Barracas

If I were a bird, Las Barracas, East Cape, would be my spot. Where I would fly high above sand and reef and watch as waves swirl over rocks below. I would talk to the wind and play with the fishes, t... Read More

Casa Cortez

There is a little Casa Cortez in most dreams about a place in Cabo. Perhaps it is the beach, or the golf. The boat. The marina for the boat. Or the fancy address with all the accoutrements- guard gat... Read More

Riviera 3

Imagine going on holiday and being so taken by your vacation home that you end up buying it. That would be the ultimate, wouldn’t it? Where a perhaps-once-a-year ideal for most people becomes whene... Read More

Villa Cielito, Chileno Bay, Cabo Corridor

This is a story about serendipity, love, generosity. And the house which inspired it all. That would be Villa Cielito, meaning “a little piece of heaven”, a great name for a great house, sitt... Read More

The Om Dome, Zacatitos, East Cape

If you love homes that are beautiful, surprising, daring and whimsical, then you will love the Om Dome in Los Zacatitios, East Cape. I first heard about the “round, purple, artist’s house” ... Read More

Earthship House, Todos Santos

Have you ever thought about building your home out of trash? Nip up the Pacific coast and you will find just such a house, made from old tires, discarded bottles and other detritus. Tucked back u... Read More


Tropic of Cancer Los Cabos

We drove down to Cabo recently which got me thinking about boundaries and lines, imaginary ones in particular. How the symbolism of lines can have power beyond their original purpose to affect how ... Read More

Los Cabos Real Estate Magazine at 15

Wow, 15 years! Its hard to believe that we are celebrating our magazine’s 15th anniversary- our very own quinceañera. Time to put on a dress and dust off the memories! Who would have imagined, tha... Read More

Sea Turtle Release, Cabo San Lucas

Two hours already! It was late afternoon, I was dressed all in white and sitting on a beautiful, wild, windswept beach with a group of excited strangers, waiting. The anticipation was palpable. ... Read More

Rock Houses of Pedregal

How do you deal with a rock mountain? That’s what you have to think about when you build in Pedregal. Pedregal was the first private, master planned community in Los Cabos. The brainchild of ... Read More

Whale Watching in Magdalena Bay

We were so ready for our whale watching trip to Magdalena Bay! After years of scheduling conflicts, the stars finally aligned. You can normally see whales in the Sea of Cortez around Cabo San Lucas, b... Read More


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